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ZAKA Halamish

Israeli security forces arrested a Palestinian singer for lauding a terrorist who murdered three members of an Israeli family. 

Israeli security forces on Wednesday night arrested a Palestinian wedding singer for writing, performing and distributing a song that glorifies the brutal terror attack in July in which a Palestinian stabbed and murdered three members of an Israeli family in a Jewish community in Samaria.

The IDF stated that the songwriter, Mohammed al-Barghouti, a resident of the Palestinian village of Beit Rimah, produced and distributed the song.

“As part of the [IDF’s] campaign against [Palestinian] incitement [to terrorism], Israeli forces arrested the singer and his partners in producing the song and distributing it online,” the IDF statement read.

The security forces also confiscated equipment from the recording studio.

On July 21, Palestinian terrorist Omar al-Abed infiltrated a family home in Halamish/Neve Tzuf with a large knife and murdered Yosef Salomon, 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon, 46, and son Elad Salomon, 36. Yosef’s wife Tova, 68, was seriously wounded.

Al-Abed, who was shot and neutralized during the attack by a soldier on furlough, will soon stand trial.

Al-Abed’s father, mother, two brothers and an uncle were subsequently arrested, tried and convicted of failing to prevent the attack themselves or notifying the authorities of Al-Abed’s murderous intentions.

In related news, IDF forces shut down the Palestinian Al-Huria radio station in Hebron and arrested two of its employees over incitement to terrorism.

In recent months, Israel has been focusing on Palestinian media outlets and publications that encourage violent attacks against Israelis.

Israel maintains that one of the driving forces behind the Palestinian terrorist attacks is incitement by the Palestinian Authority leadership and clergy through its state and local media.

By: United with Israel Staff