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In a public display of support for terrorism, the Palestinians are financing new homes for terrorist’s families.

A Palestinian terrorist’s family, whose house was demolished by Israeli forces after their family member murdered two Israelis in Jerusalem in October, has bought a new massive house, thanks to Palestinian crowd funding.

Muhannad Halabi, 19, a student at Al-Quds University and member of the Islamic Jihad, murdered Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Banita and injured Banita’s wife and baby in Jerusalem’s Old City in October.

Halabi was shot and killed by Israeli police and condemned as a terrorist in Israel, but the Palestinians, and especially his parents, laud him as a hero. “I will always be proud that my son sacrificed his life for the liberation of his homeland,” his mother, Suhair Halabi, said at the time.

Halabi has become a role model and has achieved a status of Palestinian national stardom, as babies were named after him, as well as a street in the Palestinian Authority (PA) a youth soccer tournament and a public park.

Muhannad Halabi’s family al-Bireh home was demolished in early January. The demolition order also prohibited the family from rebuilding it.

The Palestinians launched a campaign called Rebuilding the Homes of the Free, a fund that collects donations directly from the Palestinian public specifically for the purpose of restoring the demolished homes of terrorists, which came to the aid of the Halabis.

The fundraising campaign posted collection boxes at main locations in Palestinian cities and villages. In a short time period of only a few weeks, several million shekels were collected, which financed, among other things, Tuesday’s purchase of a two-story villa, with an overall area of 3,875 sq. ft. on a 6,458 sq. ft. lot in the Al Basatin neighborhood of Abu Qash, a pastoral suburb of Ramallah. The villa, which cost $173,000, is now registered as belonging to Muhannad Halabi’s father, Shafiq.

By: JNI.Media and United with Israel Staff

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