Trump Caricature

Official Palestinian Authority newspaper hints that Trump faked being sick “to win sympathy” and avoid the next presidential debate.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

The official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority ran a front page editorial this week with the headline “Trump’s ‎Corona – False Claims and Expectations,” questioning at one point if U.S. President Donald Trump faked being sick with COVID-19 to score political points.

The editorial said that if the claim is true that ‎Trump is deceiving the American people, it is because Trump wants to gain the sympathy ‎of American voters and avoid future presidential debates.

The fact that Trump’s infection was announced shortly after his debate with ‎Biden makes it logical that Trump ‎wants to avoid future debates by feigning illness, claimed the editorial in the Al-Hayat al-Jadida newspaper, which was translated by the Israeli watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch.

“What if the claim that US President Donald Trump was infected with the corona virus is ‎fabricated? Some say President Trump fabricated this news to win sympathy, and to avoid ‎future debates with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden,” the editorial said.

The PA editorial added that if Trump is indeed sick, maybe the illness would cause him to “re-‎examine the erroneous and aggressive policies towards humanity … while he fuels ‎racist extremist ideas, and sides with falsehood against truth.”‎

The Palestinians are still furious with Trump for his Middle East peace plan, and they have lambasted the president while refusing to even talk to the Americans.

Palestinian officials were livid when the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain both signed peace treaties with Israel last month at a ceremony hosted by Trump at the White House.

The Palestinians said the Gulf states making peace was a “stab in the back,” even as the Arab leaders called for the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table where they would help them reach an agreement with Israel.

“Whether or not the US president has caught coronavirus, we will not analyze this news based ‎on wishful thinking,” added editorial.