According to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Palestinian incitement to hatred and terror, in the face of peace negotiations, undermines the peace process.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry highlighting continued Palestinian incitement to hatred, despite ongoing peace negotiations. “Incitement and peace cannot coexist,” Netanyahu said. “Rather than educate the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, this hate education poisons them against Israel and lays the ground for continued violence, terror and conflict.”

In his letter to Kerry, Netanyahu referenced Palestinian leader Abbas’ statement, “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier – on our lands.” Netanyahu also criticized a Palestinian broadcaster who described “Palestine” as reaching from Rosh HaNikra to Eilat. He also included a link to a YouTube video that depicts the popular winner of Arab Idol Muhammad Assaf singing a song at the Barcelona soccer game in Hebron that spoke of Israeli cities located within the green line as belonging to Palestine.

These are only a handful of the reported incidents of Palestinian incitement since peace talks began. During the Ramadan holiday, Palestinian Media Watch reported that PA TV gave $100 to Palestinians partaking in one of their shows who described Ashdod, Jaffa, the Sea of Galilee, Lake Hula, Hurfeish, and Mount Meron as part of Palestine, even though each of those locations are located within territories that the Palestinian Authority is expected to recognize as part of Israel via the Middle East peace process.

Additionally, the Fatah Facebook page referred to a murderous 1978 terror attack as the “first maritime operation in the history of the Palestinian revolution,” bragging that it “was carried out by Fatah heroes under the command of the hero Dalal Mughrabi.” The Palestinian “hero” in question, Dalal Mughrabi, participated in the murder of 37 civilians, 12 of whom were children, detonating a grenade on a hijacked bus.

Other Palestinian terrorists glorified on the Fatah facebook page since peace negotiations began include  the first Palestinian female suicide bomber (Wafa Idris), the murderer of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich (Salah Khalef Abu Iyyad), double suicide bomber- killers of 23 at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station (Abd Al-Rahman and Samer Imad), and the Erez Crossing human grenade-murderer (Fadi Al-Amoudi).

In addition to these incidents, United with Israel previously reported that PA TV recently broadcast a song proclaiming, “Oh Palestinians, the revolution is certain, with the rifle we will impose our new life. Oh Palestinians, the Zionists shot you with the rifle, the Zionists are killing your doves in your sacred area. Oh Palestinians, I want to go and be with you. Fire is in my hands and with you attack [Israel].” As this survey of Palestinian media during peace negotiations illustrates, Palestinian leadership, PA TV, and Fatah’s official facebook page appear committed to discouraging peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.

To see an example of Palestinian incitement, see below!

By Rachel Avraham, staff writer for United With Israel