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Proclaiming Justice to the Nations is leading the battle against anti-Israel activists who aim to boycott the Jewish state, and promises to crush them with a wave of legislation.

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), a Christian pro-Israel advocacy organization, lauded on Monday the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and New York State Assembly on their adoption of the PJTN anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) resolution.

The New York resolution, which passed last week, was introduced by Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley (D-Brooklyn) and co-sponsored by 74 other members. It rejects BDS activities that “undermine efforts to achieve a negotiated two-state solution and the right of Israelis and Palestinians to self-determination.”

President of PJTN Laurie Cardoza-Moore personally traveled to New York to present Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky with a draft resolution and to commend New York for standing up against the growing anti-Semitic movement to boycott Israel.

The Pennsylvania move was also inspired by grassroots PJTN activists there.

New York and Pennsylvania are the third and fourth consecutive states to take a public stand in support of Israel by passing the resolution after the original motion was passed in the Tennessee State Legislature in April, followed by similar action in Indiana.

Growing Wave of Support for Israel

However, this is only the beginning, PJTN vowed. The organization’s supporters in 34 states across America are already working together with their local governments to prepare their own resolutions in they describe as “a growing wave of support for Israel.”

PJTN has encouraged its supporters to focus on state legislatures that have authority over state universities, many of which have become hotbeds of anti-Semitic hate speech, intimidation and anti-Israel activity. “Although many adversaries of Israel claim that anti-Israel sentiment isn’t always anti-Semitic, there is countless evidence to the contrary, with Jewish students targeted on a daily basis,” PJTN clarified in a statement.

“The Jew-hating BDS movement is about to be hit by a tidal wave of support for Israel and the Jewish People,” Cardoza-Moore declared. “As proud Christian Zionists that represent millions of believers worldwide, we will stand as a firewall around the Jewish People and will ensure that no form of genocidal anti-Semitism be tolerated.”

“We call upon all Christians worldwide to join our movement and let the people of Israel know that they are not alone in their struggle,” she added. “Mark my words: By the end of this year, what began as a pro-Israel resolution in Tennessee will be a national movement across the USA and around the world. We have already recruited 34 states, with the recent addition of New York and Pennsylvania, and this is only the beginning.”

Pennsylvania Representative Matt Baker expressed pride in his achievement. “The Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously approved a resolution I authored condemning economic, social, cultural and other boycotts of Israel and growing incidents of anti-Semitism,” said Baker. “The international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign’s call for academic boycotts has been condemned by many of our nation’s largest academic associations, more than 250 university presidents and many other leading scholars as a violation of the bedrock principle of academic freedom. I am proud to have Pennsylvania join the call for an end to these types of anti-Semitic incidents.”

By: United with Israel Staff