Samir Kuntar

A Lebanese satellite TV station affiliated with terror group Hezbollah reported on details of assassinated arch-terrorist Samir Kuntar’s last will and testament, claiming it calls for revenge against Israel.

Wall Street Journal correspondent Sam Dagher reported on Twitter that Kuntar’s supposed will was published in Arabic on the website almanar.com.

In the will, Kuntar, who was assassinated late Saturday night in Syria and buried in Lebanon on Monday, asks that Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah carefully plan the precise time and place to retaliate against Israel, which has been blamed for the strike, rather than responding immediately. He said Israel “deludes itself into thinking that by killing us it can drag the Resistance into a confrontation whose timing and place it chooses.” Kuntar added that Nasrallah is aware of his “responsibility to avoid being dragged into a battle, the timing and place of which have been determined by the enemy.”

Kuntar, a high-ranking Hezbollah official who spent 30 years in an Israeli prison for the slaughter of a Nahariya family, was killed near Damascus in an airstrike. While foreign media outlets and Hezbollah attributed the mission to Israel, the Jewish state has neither confirmed nor denied involvement.

By: The Algemeiner