Iranian weapons for Hamas in Gaza discovered in March by IDF. (Photo: IDF)
Iranian missiles

A weekend report said that Israel destroyed a warehouse in Sudan that contained Iranian missiles, destined for Gaza.

A report in London-based Arabic language newspaper Al-Arab Monday said that Israeli planes over the weekend destroyed a warehouse in Sudan that was holding a large number of long-range Iranian missiles. The missiles belonged to Hamas, and were to be used against Israel after they were smuggled into Gaza.

Iranian missiles

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Photo: Mojtaba Salimi)

According to the report, eyewitnesses said they saw a “huge explosion” after planes flew over the building. Six people were injured in the attack, witnesses said. The resulting blaze required the services of large numbers of firefighters, they added.

Sudanese officials confirmed that there was an explosion, but denied any connection to weapons or missiles. The officials did not accuse Israel of the attack, but did say that it was carried out by “foreign forces.”

There has been no independent confirmation of the story, although it did appear in a couple of news outlets.

In October of 2012, Sudan claimed that Israeli airstrikes caused an explosion and fire at a military factory south of the capital, Khartoum, killing two people.

Israel refused to comment on Sudan’s accusation about the factory blast, although a top Israeli defense official said Sudan “serves as a route for the transfer, via Egyptian territory, of Iranian weapons to Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.”

Iranian warships regularly dock in Port Sudan, in what Khartoum describes as “routine” visits. Khartoum has denied Iranian involvement in weapons manufacturing and has accused Israel of “spreading fabricated information.”

Source: Israel National News