(Matty Stern/US Embassy Jerusalem)
netanyahu, david friedman, Elliot abrams

Trump is promoting a series of sanctions that would make it difficult for Biden to return to the nuclear deal with Iran.


Elliott Abrams, the US Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela, met on Sunday in Jerusalem with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They were joined by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

According to reports, President Donald Trump is promoting, together with Israel, a series of sanctions on Iran that will be announced weekly and that would make it difficult for projected President-elect Joe Biden to return to the nuclear deal with Iran, as he had promised during his campaign.

The reports say that the outgoing administration, in coordination with Israel and the Gulf states, has prepared a list of targets in Iran that will be sanctioned every week until Biden takes office in January. The targets include entities involved in terrorism, missile development and human rights violations .

The Trump administration and the Israeli government assume it will be difficult for Biden to lift sanctions of this kind, thereby maintaining pressure on Iran even if other sanctions are lifted.

In such a situation, it will be more difficult for the Biden administration to promote a renewed nuclear agreement with the Iranians, according to the assessment.

Abrams discussed the plan with Netanyahu, and Secretary of State Pompeo Mike Pompeo will arrive in Jerusalem next week to discuss further, the reports say.