(SANA via AP)
Syrian President Bashar Assad

In what may be an incredibly new moral low for the world today, but especially for the US, Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly agreed to allow brutal Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to leave Syria unscathed and avoid being put on trial for his culpability in the murder of at least a quarter of a million of his own countrymen. 

The US and Russia have reportedly arrived at an understanding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has been battling his people for the past five years and who has been charged with committing war crimes in the process, will leave Syria to another country at an attempt at reaching stability in the war-torn county and ending its civil war.

The London-based Arabic Al-Hayat reports that US Secretary of State John Kerry informed several Arab countries that the US and Russia have reached an understanding that Assad will leave to another undisclosed destination.

According to the report, based on a Security Council diplomat, a timetable was not set for Assad’s departure.

The report says that the understanding between the US and Russia is a result of behind-the-scenes diplomatic coordination between the two countries on the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization in Syria.

The report did not explicitly say anything of Assad’s future, and whether he would actually face charges for his alleged war crimes.

Assad’s regime has been supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has reportedly opposed Assad’s removal from Syria until this point.

By: United with Israel Staff