(AP/Oded Balilty, File)
Palestinian rock terror

Rock-throwing Arab terrorists attacked a bus filled with small children in Jerusalem on Monday. The children escaped unharmed.

In a continuation of terror against Jews in Jerusalem’s Ma’ale Hazeitim neighborhood, on Monday morning, Arab terrorists attacked young children, throwing heavy rocks at the bus in which they were travelling.

There were no injuries, although the windshield was smashed.

Ma’ale Hazeitim is a Jewish neighborhood on Har Hazeitim – the Mount of Olives. Located in eastern Jerusalem adjacent to the Old City, the area is rich in Jewish history.

The Mount of Olives has over 150,000 Jewish graves, some of which date back 3,000 years. Today, Arabs routinely attack local Jews, including visitors, and often vandalize the cemeteries, both ancient and new. Mourners are frequently attacked. American citizen Tova Richler, for example, was prevented from attending her father’s funeral last year when she and her family were attacked by rock-throwing terrorists on their way to the site.

By: United with Israel Staff