Israeli fighters in Ukraine

In recently released videos, Israeli soldiers who are fighting Russian invaders in Ukraine and expressed their solidarity with the Jewish people as they battle terror in Israel.

By United with Israel Staff

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its third month, soldiers from Israel posted videos to social media on Sunday thanking the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

The videos appeared to show Israelis who are fighting with Ukrainian forces, speaking Hebrew and expressing solidarity with Israelis at home fending off a vicious wave of Palestinian terror and rocket attacks.

The men appear in Ukrainian uniforms in an undisclosed location.

In one of the videos, the fighters thank Ukraine’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Azman, for providing them with kosher food to observe the Passover holiday.

Some of the fighters in the video conceal their faces.

“We give thanks to the people of Israel and the Israeli government for the help they give us. We are here, fighting the Russians,” one fighter intones in Hebrew.

He also thanked the Kyiv’s central synagogue for its assistance.

Another fighter adds, “I want to say thank you to the entire Jewish people who are helping us — we are here for you, for the whole nation. We are here for all whose lives are endangered. We are fighting for you.”

In a second clip, some of the men display an Israeli flag with a Ukrainian flag.

“We, the soldiers of the Ukrainian army who are at the front fighting the Russian invader, want to express our support for the people of Israel who are experiencing severe terror attacks,” said a fighter in the second clip, reported Times of Israel.

This fighter appears to be referring to the wave of terror attacks launched by Palestinian murderers, during which they have killed 11 people.