(Photo: Ministry of Defense)
an Arrow 2 missile launched during a trial

Israel’s Ministry of Defense conducted another full simulation test for the Arrow 2 missile defense system. The full degree of success will be decided after full analysis of the test data.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense announced this week that is has successfully conducted a full interception trial of the Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile system. The test was conducted at an Israeli test range over the Mediterranean Sea during which the Arrow 2 was launched against a real target missile similar to the Iranian Shahab ballistic missile.

The Arrow 2 missile was launched and performed its flight sequence as planned. The results are being analyzed by program engineers, and the full measure of success will be determined in the coming days.

The Arrow anti-ballistic missile system. (Photo: Shay Levy/ Flash 90)

The Arrow anti-ballistic missile system. (Photo: Shay Levy/ Flash 90)

Part of a Multi-Layer Defense System

The Arrow 2 is already an operational system, providing the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) with an interceptor engagement capability. This defense system is designed for long-range interceptions and is a main part of the multi-layer defense system being developed by the Ministry of Defense, which includes the Iron Dome. The Arrow 2 is designed to engage long-range projectiles fired within the atmosphere, as opposed to the Arrow 3, which is intended to engage missile threats coming from outside the atmosphere.

The Defense Ministry stressed that the test results have no effect on Israel’s operational-systems capability to cope with existing threats in the region. “This test was an improved version of the joint U.S. – Israel AWS, intended to counter future threats,” the ministry statement explained.

The test is part of a multi-year improvement program for the Arrow 2, with previous tests held in 2009 and 2011.

The primary contractor for the integration and the development of the Arrow Weapon System is the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), in conjunction with Elta, and Elbit/ Elisra and the American Boeing.

Author: Aryeh Savir
Staff Writer, United with Israel