Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90
Palestinian gunmen

The Hamas terror group and its counterparts in the Palestinian Authority use horrific violence to punish detainees accused of fomenting dissent, according to a new report.

By United with Israel Staff

Palestinian authorities systematically torture dissidents and individuals, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW).

According to HRW’s report, Palestinian security forces “use solitary confinement and beatings, including whipping their feet, and force detainees into painful stress positions for prolonged periods, including hoisting their arms behind their backs with cables or rope, to punish and intimidate critics and opponents and elicit confessions.”

Last year, vocal critic of the Palestinian Authority, Nizar Banat, died after Palestinian security forces pummeled him with metal batons in the middle of the night in his home. Weeks of protests followed the killing, which Palestinian forces quashed with violence.

Despite its distinctly anti-Israel agenda, HRW is apparently willing to expose the horrific human rights abuses committed by the Palestinian ruling class.

This includes brutal torture committed by both Western darlings, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

According to HRW, donor countries should cut off aid to Palestinian security forces over their crimes against humanity.

HRW also recommends that the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate the documented torture. Historically, Palestinian officials have exerted significant pressure on the ICC, pushing one-sided inquiries of the Jewish state that have been exposed as nothing more than thinly veiled witch hunts.

Predictably, HRW’s report on Palestinian torture included a bevy of accusations leveled at Israel, which it has blamed in the past for all of the ills facing Palestinian society.