Israel issues a strong warning to the United Nations, stating, “Israel will stop working with those who cooperate with the Hamas terrorist regime’s propaganda machine.” Government spokesperson, Eylon Levy, criticizes the UN’s role in the conflict, emphasizing, “In failing to condemn Hamas for hijacking aid…[and] waging war out of hospitals, [the UN] have been complicit... Read more »

On Wednesday morning, the death toll among Israelis in the aftermath of Hamas's invasion into southern Israel over the weekend reached 1,200, while the Israel Defense Forces maintained their offensive against Palestinian terror targets in the Gaza Strip.

In a move that further undermines the rule of the Palestinian Authority and in violation of basic human rights, Hamas executed three men accused of murder.

This week saw a lot more of the same. The media bias was just as strong. Terror struck both within the borders of Israel and outside. When a Palestinian minister died from a heart attack, Israel was pointed at for the blame. This and more in our week in review.

Numerous pets and farm animals have been suffering extreme fear at the sound of coming missiles and warning sirens, while others actually die when they land.

Imagine hearing a frightening siren blaring “Code Red, Code Red” and having 15 seconds to run for cover. Imagine never being able to walk beyond a short distance of the nearest shelter.