(Israel Police)
Jaffa stabbing

Second terror attack in a day: The victim was evacuated in moderate condition with several stab wounds.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

The Israeli Police arrested on Sunday afternoon an Arab resident of the Palestinian Authority (PA) city of Jenin on suspicion that he stabbed and moderately injured an Israeli man in the city of Jaffa, an apparent terror attack and the second for the day.

The incident began when the man, 67, and his wife were attacked by the Arab, who stabbed the victim several times and then fled the scene.

The victim was evacuated in moderate condition with several stab wounds.

MDA paramedic Yamit Aharon Fink said that they found the victim sitting on the curb fully conscious. He suffered penetrating injuries to his body, and her team provided him with life-saving medical treatment that included stopping bleeding and medication. They rushed him to a hospital in moderate and stable condition.

The police launched a manhunt and deployed a helicopter to assist in the search, after which it arrested the suspect who was hiding out in a building near the site of the attack. The suspect is 18 years old from Jenin and was in Israel illegally.

The police later announced that the incident was a terror attack.

This attack occurred just hours after a Hamas terrorist opened fire at Israelis in the Old City of Jerusalem, killing Eliyahu Kay, 26, and wounding four others, one of whom was seriously injured and is in life-threatening condition.

The terrorist, a member of Hamas, was killed by Israeli forces on site.

The police have boosted their forces in the capital fearing further attacks.

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