Shelly Dadon

A gag order has been lifted since the arrest of Hussein Yousef Hussein Khalifa, the terrorist that murdered 20-year-old Shelly Dadon in northern Israel.

The Israeli Security Agency (ISA), also known as Shin Bet, released the following statement regarding the capture of the terrorist killer of Shelly Dadon, 20, who was butchered in broad daylight on the way to a job interview in northern Israel.

shelly dadon

Hundreds in northern Israel attended a demonstration in May in memory of terror victim Shelly Dadon. (Photo: Hagai Aharon/Flash90)

“In the wake of expedited intelligence activity, the Israel Police and the ISA, on 16 June 2014, arrested Hussein Yousef Hussein Khalifa, from Iblin in the Galilee, on suspicion of involvement in the 1 May 2014 murder of Shelly Dadon in the Migdal Haemek industrial zone.

“During ISA questioning, Hussein Khalifa confessed to murdering Dadon and disclosed many details regarding the murder.

“Hussein Khalifa, 34, from Iblin, is a taxi driver who drove workers to and from factories in the Migdal Haemek industrial zone. On the morning of the day of the murder, after dropping off workers at one of the factories as he did daily, he continued toward the center of town (Migdal Haemek), where he picked up the deceased. She requested that he drive her to a job interview in the industrial zone. He drove her to an abandoned parking lot on the outskirts of the industrial zone (not far from her requested destination) where he stabbed her to death and fled the scene in his cab.

“According to his version, after perpetrating the murder, Hussein Khalifa threw away the murder weapon and the deceased’s cellphone as he fled the scene, and later washed bloodstains from his cab. He also threw away the deceased’s wallet near the community of Beit Zarzir.

“While Hussein Khalifa’s motives have yet to be fully clarified, the ISA assessment is that the murder was perpetrated for nationalistic reasons.”