Noam Raz

At the time of his death, Farouk Salama was suspected of planning more terrorist attacks. Five other terrorists were arrested.

By Gil Tanenbaum, TPS

Farouk Salama, a terrorist associated with the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization who was involved in recent shooting attacks against Israeli forces – as well as the terror attack in which the late Police Sergeant Major Noam Raz was murdered – was himself killed on Thursday while evading arrest during a raid conducted by Israeli security forces.

The raid was conducted as a joint arrest operation by the IDF, the Shin Bet, the Yamas (a special forces counter-terrorist unit attached to the Israel Border Police), and the Special Forces in the Jenin refugee camp in the area of the Menashe regional division in Samaria.

Five other terrorists were arrested during the raid, according to a joint statement issued by the IDF, Shin Bet, and Police spokesmen’s offices.

At the time of his death, Salama was suspected of planning more terrorist attacks.

Farouk Salama was also suspected of conspiring with the terrorist group “Lion’s Den,” which has committed a number of terror attacks directed at Israeli security forces recently.

The operation was carried out following intelligence gathered by the Shin Bet. During the assault, the forces raided a building where the terrorist was present and an exchange of gunfire ensued.

He fled the scene, and the fighters chased after him, during which the terrorist drew a gun at them. The Israeli fighters responded by returning fire, and he was neutralized.

During the raid, the forces arrested five other wanted persons in possession of a gun and an M-16. The gun that the wanted person pointed at the fighters was confiscated.

At the time of his death, 47-year-old Sergeant Major Noam Raz served in the Israel Police’s elite counterterror unit called Yamam. He was killed in a shootout with Palestinian terrorists in Samaria on Friday, May 15.

There were no casualties suffered by Israeli forces and the arrested terrorists were transferred to the security forces for investigation.