Avi Schamroth with sisters Marni (L) and Hadassa. (Photo: Schamroth Family)

“It is our duty to protect those we know, we don’t know, we love and we don’t love. We do it with pride, honor and all our power.” – IDF soldier Avi Schamroth

Israelis across the country have been passionately supportive of the IDF’s Protective Edge Operation. So much so, that almost each community has been contributing food – including home-made treats – and extra supplies for comfort to the soldiers who are protecting the Jewish State and the People of Israel.

Indeed, during the current IDF mission in Gaza, which began with the purpose of defeating Hamas and other ruthless terror groups in the Strip, Israel discovered that Hamas had been planning to slaughter and kidnap Israelis by sending thousands of terrorists to Israel through dozens of tunnels they have built in recent years, which Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to as a “vast underground terror kingdom.”

The IDF is determined to locate and destroy each tunnel.

The People of Israel have diverse political and religious affiliations, but they are united in support of the IDF mission. Tens of thousands have attended the funerals of fallen soldiers, and hospitals are filled with well-wishers visiting the wounded, bringing home-baked goods and feeling like one big family.

Pro-Israel communities outside of Israel have also mobilized in solidarity with the soldiers, holding rallies of support, praying, writing letters to soldiers, donating funds and visiting Israel during this time of crisis.

Acts of Support Make a Soldier’s Job Easier

Throughout Israel, groups of volunteers have been bringing donated goods to soldiers at the front. Two such volunteers are Ramat Beit Shemesh residents Dr. Alvin and Yehudis Schamroth. Their son Avi, 20, is an IDF soldier now serving on the front lines.

It seems the apple does not fall far from the tree. After not hearing from Avi for 10 days, Yehudis received the following note from her soldier son. He wrote:

“In all my life I’ve never seen such a tremendous act of kindness and love from people from all over the world. They have been donating their time, money and energy to the soldiers of Israel, and showing their support and appreciation. It is our duty to protect those we know, we don’t know, we love and we don’t love. We do it with pride, honor and all our power. When we see this display of affection and devotion, no matter how hard, no matter how intense our task may be, it makes our job the easiest thing to do in the world. Thank you Am Yisrael [Nation of Israel]. Thank you my family.”

This inspiring message demonstrates the commitment and courage of the IDF as well as the huge difference that lay people can make in this war against terror. As Yehudis points out, the IDF, by fighting Hamas in Gaza, is protecting not only Israel, but also the entire Free World.

Author: Atara Beck

Senior Writer/Editor, United with Israel

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