In the Forward’s universe, it is far-right lunatics who all of a sudden, with the election of Trump, threatened Jewish communities.

After a yearlong vicious campaign against Donald Trump, accusing him and his staff of anti-Semitism, we now hear from some of the biggest initiators of hate and smears (The Forward), whose editors gave a kind of half apology.

In lefty Forward world, anti-Semitism has risen exponentially since Trump ran and beat their chosen one, Hillary Clinton. Yes, his campaign and hers were both dirty and mean-spirited, however, in the Forward’s universe, it is far-right lunatics like the KKK and the Nazi party who all of a sudden threatened Jewish centers and vandalized cemeteries.

There has been an exponential increase in anti-Semitism around the world for the past eight years, yet the Forward hardly mentioned it. They certainly didn’t have a vicious campaign against the people who perpetrated this trend, Islamists and leftists. The Forward and the Jewish left not only refrained from questioning Barack Obama’s “associates”; they also lashed out at those who did. Guilt by association, they screamed. To them, anyone who questioned the friendship of the anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Reverend Wright was a racist. Anyone who dared bring up the shady relationships that the president had with the Muslim Brotherhood was labeled Islamaphobic . Anyone who questioned why Obama invited notorious anti-Semite, tax evader, race baiter and fraud Al Sharpton to the White House dozens of times was deemed a racist.

Facts Did Not Fit the Narrative

To their surprise (not mine), it turns out that a mentally disturbed, physically ill Israeli- American teenager was found responsible for the threatening calls to the Jewish centers. A copycat was also caught and … he was a crazy, Trump-hating leftist. This, of course, did not fit the Forward’s narrative, so instead of doing the right thing by apologizing, both its editors came out with tepid mea culpas. They couldn’t just say that they were wrong. They had to say that it was possible that the mentally ill teenager was somehow part of the Jewish right. Jane Eisner referred to the killer of Yitzhak Rabin to somehow compare the two. She went on to make excuses for her smear campaign by bringing up the anti-Semitic comments on Twitter against some Jewish reporters who had criticized Trump and, in one case, his wife. She also mentions the cemetery vandalism. There is, of course, zero proof that anyone on the right destroyed these cemeteries.

The Twitter universe is full of smears, anti-Semitism, racism, anti-Trumpism. Just read any Facebook page belonging to someone on the left and you will see the hatred, the vitriol, the threats against Trump or anyone who supports him.

The Nazi-style graffiti on subways could have been done by kids or… it could have been drawn by Jewish lefties so that biased publications like the Forward could pick it up and blame it on Trump. The subways where it happened were in New York City, and one of the vandalized cemeteries was in Philadelphia. Interesting. How many Nazi groups do you know of in inner cities? Sorry, not buying it.

Whether Right or Left, Incitement is Incitement

I am glad that Eisner mentioned the killer of Yitzhak Rabin. I clearly remember at the time that many on the left accused Netanyahu and others of incitement that influenced a far-right Israeli to murder Rabin. Incitement is incitement, so why is the incitement by the Jewish left – namely, the Forward – any different from the supposed incitement by the right?

There are many reasons one can find to dislike Trump that are fair game. His policies, demeanor, statements, Twitter craziness… However, calling him or his campaign anti-Semitic comes from the left’s lunatic fringe. Their first target was Steve Bannon, and now it’s Sebastian Gorka. That is, after they tried to smear Trump himself by saying things like he keeps Hitler speeches under his bed.

Think about this: The left completely ignored Islamo-fascist, virulent anti-Semitism for the past eight years, including threats to kill every Jew on earth and destroy the one Jewish country. They ignored the harassment, sometimes violent, of not only pro-Israel Jews on campus, but of all Jews, yet the left went on a vicious campaign, a witch hunt, against the person who beat Hillary Clinton?

A Split in the Jewish Community

There is a split in the Jewish community, and in my opinion it is mostly coming from the secular left. I saw it when George Bush won a narrow victory in Florida and then recognized it when Barack Obama was elected.

It doesn’t matter who beat Hillary; if it were Mike Pence, we would still see the same paranoid, disgusting incitement; in fact, probably worse. Pence is a religious Christian, and to the Jewish left, they are the real enemies, not Islamic fanatics and not the left themselves, who are becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.

How can anyone say with a straight face that the near-victory of Keith Ellison and his subsequent appointment as number two in the Democratic National committee is not a harbinger of things to come?

The Jewish far-left and the Democratic party have left people like me; we haven’t left them. The Forward and its staff should be ashamed of themselves. They are fanatic, shrill ideologues who have caused immeasurable damage to the Jewish community and the American community as a whole.

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.