Help was offered to Iran when they suffered from an earthquake a number of years ago. The help was refused. They said they would accept help from anywhere but Israel. People died because of Iran’s refusal.

As of today, no country in the world has sent more people to help in Nepal than Israel. Period. Numbers can sometimes lie, but these numbers don’t. Fortunately (or unfortunately), due to her real experience over the past 67 years since becoming a state, Israel is uniquely equipped to deal with mass casualty events. This expertise is graciously offered to any place on the planet that may need it, including Israel’s enemies. Help was offered to Iran when they suffered from an earthquake a number of years ago. The help was refused. People died because of Iran’s refusal. They hate Israel more than they value life.

As an Israeli, I am very proud of my country’s actions. We are driven by deep moral principles that are drawn from the bible and our ancient Jewish traditions. In The book of Deuteronomy we are told that if you see the donkey of your enemy buckling under its heavy load, you are to go out of your way to help. No matter that the owner is your enemy. There are circumstances that demand that we put differences aside and work for the common good, be it to prevent the suffering of an animal and certainly when it means saving human lives.

While the bible tells us to live with mercy and kindness to others, this should be true even for those who do not believe the bible as the word of God. In other words, everyone should be
helping Nepal in whatever way they possibly can.

My blood boils when I read the words of the haters of Israel write, for instance, “Israel is exploiting the situation in Nepal for their own good” and other such insane statements. They claim that Israel is only helping in Nepal in order to look good in the eyes of the world. Such sentiment can only come from a deeply cynical and highly disturbed person. They are not capable of putting aside differences for even a moment to help others. They lack a kind soul, to say the least.

In fact, they are the very ones politicizing and exploiting Israel’s actions and not the other way around. What would they say if Israel did not help? They would say that Israel is a cold, callous country only interested in themselves and not being a part of the community of nations, etc. They will damn Israel no matter if she takes action to help or refrains from such action!

So I ask you, honestly, who really is exploiting this situation?

Twisted and Perverse Thinking

Kenneth Roth of Humans Rights Watch is so ridiculously predictable and infuriating all at the same time. In response to Israel sending help to Nepal, he tweeted, “Easier to address a far-away humanitarian disaster than the nearby one of Israel’s making in Gaza. End the blockade!” He probably thought he was so clever when he wrote that line. Little did he realize how much his words would reveal about his own twisted and perverse way of thinking.

First of all, there is no humanitarian disaster in Israel. This is a lie that Israel’s enemies literally trip over each other spreading. Vladimir Lenin once said, “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.” The real disaster in Gaza is a lack of a stable, ethical, democratically elected government. The disaster in Gaza is the fact that Hamas, a violent, bloodthirsty terrorist group, controls Gaza.

Second, Israel’s blockade of Gaza is only partial—humanitarian aid is allowed in. The blockade is a response to the terrorists who are controlling Gaza and continue to call for the destruction of Israel. Egypt also has a blockade on Gaza for the very same reason, but their blockade does not seem to bother Roth. In the real world, victims are allowed to defend themselves. In the fantasy world created by the enemies of Israel, Israel is never permitted to respond to terror—they must simply absorb the blows.

The bottom line is that Roth and all the other cynics cannot accept that Israel’s help to Nepal is purely motivated. You know what I think? The hundreds of people being treated in the field hospital set up by Israel and those who were saved by Israeli search and rescue teams could not care less. Roth should stop playing politics and exploiting Israel’s good work, just say thank you and be on his way.

Article by Moshe Rothchild

Rabbi Moshe Rothchild, an Orthodox rabbi, is founder and director of Teach Israel, an educational organization that brings people together in their mutual love for Israel and the Bible. He is also a licensed tour guide who contributes regularly to United with Israel in the “Places of Israel” category.