Francesca Albanese

An official from the notoriously anti-Israel body claims “Palestinians have no other room for dissent than violence.”

By United with Israel Staff

United Nations (UN) official Francesca Albanese, a Palestinian advocate at the biased international organization, openly stoked violence against Israelis this month.

This represents the second time the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian issues “has justified violence against Israelis,” JNS reported.

Albanese told the Italian magazine Altreconomia on June 9 that “Israel says ‘resistance equals terrorism,’ but an occupation requires violence and generates violence.”

“Palestinians have no other room for dissent than violence,” she added.

Albanese’s words have consequences. In April, Palestinians murdered 11 people in just over a week during a terror wave that continued to spiral out of control into May.

It was reportedly the deadliest terror wave since 2006. Historically, Palestinian attacks have included deadly stabbings, car-rammings, shootings, and bombings.

Shamefully, Albanese sits perched on the world stage, crowing that Palestinians have no other choice but to murder innocent fathers, mothers, and children. For what? For the so-called crime of being Jewish Israelis, living in the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland.

In May, Albanese said on Italian national television, “Palestinian violence is inevitable because the right to exist of the Palestinian people has been denied for 55 years—almost three generations.”

The only thing that has prevented Palestinians’ “right to exist” is their own leaders’ refusal to make peace.

Despite her obvious bias and willingness to incite violence against Israelis, Albanese claimed in her application for the UN position that she doesn’t hold “any views or opinions that could prejudice the manner in which [she’d] discharge the mandate.”

Albanese’s despicable record also includes “comparing the experience of Arabs during and immediately after Israel’s 1948 War of Independence to the Holocaust,” JNS reported.