Stop Iran Rally in NY

Dozens of organizations, including United with Israel, brought 12,000 people to the “Stop Iran Now” rally in New York City to protest against the nuclear deal.


As world powers have signed a surrender agreement with the Iranian Islamic regime, concerned Americans from all walks of life will be gathering in New York City’s Times Square to protest this bad nuclear deal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pointed out that the Iran nuclear deal is a “mistake of historical proportions.”

As recent as June 7, a senior Iranian commander declared that “the U.S. will remain our enemy despite the emerging nuclear deal.”

The repeated calls of “death to America, death to Israel” shouted in the streets and squares of Tehran even as the nuclear talks are being held, should be heard in the US, but Washington does not seem to want to listen.

The Iranian thirst and commitment for unbridled terrorism and destruction remains unquenched. Iran’s hostility to America and its allies is at its peak. It is time for the administration to take these threats seriously and to make sure that Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and funding for terrorism will be permanently blocked.

The lessons of Chamberlain’s concessions to Hitler in 1938 must be learned. Appeasing aggressive regimes does no good for anyone. Tyrannical regimes must not be allowed access to power and weapons.


On July 22, some 12,000 protesters gathered at Times Square in New York City to demand that Congress reject the Iran nuclear deal. It was among the largest rallies ever held in Times Square’s history.

The protest rally featured some of the leading names in US Middle East policy and New York politics, including Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz and former CIA director James Woolsey.

United With Israel was among the dozens of organizations participating.

Addressing the “Stop Iran Now” rally, Dershowitz said, “I am here as a liberal Democrat, and I urge my fellow Democrats and liberals to stand together, shoulder to shoulder.” He criticized the Obama administration for sidelining Congress during the negotiations with Iran, saying, “That is not the way democracy should operate.” He praised the rally as a “great display of democracy in action.”

“This administration is giving hundred of billions, knowing some of it will go to crimes against humanity. How bad is that?” asked former NY Governor George Pataki. “Reject this deal. Protect America. Protect Israel and protect the world.”

United with Israel members, including founder Michael Gerbitz, were among the thousands of Israel supporters who attended the rally. Gerbitz said he was ״impressed with the incredible outpouring of support for this monumental cause that impacts not only Israel but the entire world.” He pledged that UWI will “continue to do everything in its power, in full force, to urge American supporters of Israel to demand from their congressional representatives that they reject this dangerous deal with Iran.”

A critical element of United with Israel’s campaign to Stop Iran is a grassroots effort for its members to spread the word and make it go viral. Readers are urged to click here to share the petition with everyone they know.


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