A 14-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being struck by lightning in an unseasonable storm during the Sukkot holiday.

By United with Israel Staff

A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition after being struck by lightning on Zikim Beach, near the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon.

He is among five people injured in the incident, all from the same family, Arutz 7 reported.

The boy’s sister-in-law is in serious condition. The other siblings – ages 13, 17, and 24 – are listed in moderate condition, according to Arutz 7. They were taken to the nearby Barzilai Hospital.

“Five people were injured and brought to the medical center. One of them, 14 years old, who was in critical condition, underwent prolonged resuscitation,” said Dr. Gili Givati, deputy director of the hospital.

“He is currently in a trauma room and undergoing pediatric intensive care. Another serious injury was sustained in the field. Intensive care was underway. She, 22, is in intensive care. There were 3 people who suffered minor injuries. They recognized, signs show signs of electrical tension, entries wounds and exit wounds,” Givati added.

Magen David Adom paramedic Keren Slabodnik recounted the incident.

“On the beach were two young men who were unconscious, and another who was partly conscious. MDA staff who were nearby began performing CPR on two of the young men, who had no heartbeat and were not breathing, and administering medical aid to the third young man, who was partly conscious.

“Immediately when we arrived, together with other MDA personnel, we continued performing CPR and treating the wounded. The heart of one of the victims began beating again, and we are continuing to perform CPR on one of the victims while providing lifesaving medical treatment to the other two,” she said.

Israel was hit by a huge rainstorm, with thunder and lightning, Monday night and Tuesday. Rains are unusual at this time of year, as the rainy season usually begins after the festival of Sukkot.

Observant Jews eat their meals in the sukkah (hut) during the seven-day holiday, and many sleep there as well. This year, due to the unexpected storm that hit the country from north to south, many sukkot were destroyed.