(Khaled Omar/propaimages)
A terrorist emerges from a tunnel. (Khaled Omar/propaimages)

A recent report by Al-Jazeera TV reveals two new terror tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel, according to MEMRI.

Terrorists in Gaza are already constructing new tunnels to secretly transport weapons and fighters from Gaza into Israel, according to an Al-Jazeera TV report, which was transcribed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

A video clip from the program shows a reporter interviewing members of the Al-Quds Brigade terrorist organization inside two different tunnels. They began work on the tunnels “the minute the war on Gaza ended and the ceasefire was declared…and we are continuing it, regardless of the threats by the Zionist enemy,” one terrorist told the interviewer. “We will not be hindered by the threats of the enemy or by the ban on importing cement and other building materials.”

When asked about the purpose of the tunnels, the man replied, “We are getting these tunnels ready for the next battle, in order to launch attacks, and fire mortars and artillery.”

“We are in…a special room for launching anti-tank weapons, especially the Kornet missile,” said a man inside another tunnel. “Allah willing, we are awaiting instructions to go out and take on targets of the enemy.”

The reporter stated, “This will give you an idea of what the near future will have in store in the Gaza Strip, especially if the demands and conditions of the Palestinian resistance are not met.”

(To see the video, go to http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/4478.htm)

Author: Joanne Hill
Staff Writer, United with Israel