Nestled within a highly classified facility in central Israel, Unit 504 diligently accumulates and safeguards vital intelligence crucial for the IDF’s success in Gaza.

Tasked with a pivotal role in Operation Iron Swords, their primary objectives involve disseminating evacuation directives to Palestinians in Gaza, scrutinizing insider data provided by Gazans, and seamlessly conveying pertinent information to IDF field commanders.

The calls Unit 504 received emphasized the suffering of Gazans trying to evacuate. “We have a problem, they [Hamas] are preventing us from leaving our homes.”

The significance of their responsibilities cannot be overstated, as their meticulous efforts have resulted in the capture or elimination of numerous terrorists and the exposure of substantial infrastructural networks. The unwavering commitment of Unit 504 serves as a linchpin in upholding national security, with their clandestine operations yielding tangible outcomes in safeguarding lives and preserving the integrity of the region.