Attacked by 150 Arab rock-throwing terrorists in Jerusalem, an Israeli man exited his car and faced the mob, protecting himself and his terrified children.

Israeli vocalist Avi Miller was returning home with his family Saturday night after performing at a concert when he suddenly found himself trapped by a mob of approximately 150 Arabs with clubs who blocked traffic in the mixed Arab-Jewish Abu Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem.

In the video, Miller exits the car and fires warning shots in the air to disperse the violent rioters. An Arab passing in the opposite direction comes to a halt and refuses Miller’s repeated demands that he proceed, claiming he was there to help and telling him to get back in the car.

The mob had already thrown rocks at the car, and the windows were scratched up. Miller’s terrified children are inside the vehicle.

Finally, having no choice, he fires warning shots in the air, and the mob disperses.

Watch and see this brave father overcome his fear to protect himself and his family.

(With files from Kikar HaShabbat and Arutz-7)