Ben and Jerry’s franchisees, who were not part of the boycott decision, “were thrown under the bus” by the corporate office and “have suffered substantial financial loss,” says Adv. Arsen Ostrovsky, CEO, International Legal Forum.

Dozens of American Ben & Jerry’s franchise owners, who together generate over 23 million dollars in annual revenue, are coming together against the corporate office, with an open letter signed by the franchisees calling on Ben & Jerry’s and parent company Unilever to rescind their July decision to stop business in the “occupied Palestinian territories.”

“My heart goes out to them.,” says Adv. Arsen Ostrovsky, CEO, International Legal Forum, explaining the repercussions of the boycott decision. “Many have been shamed, as if they’re part of this decision.

“At the end of the day, they’re there to sell ice cream, not to engage in politics.”