In pursuit of a noble mission, Binyamin Airley lived with purpose until his untimely demise at the age of 21 during a battle in northern Gaza on November 18th.

He valiantly fought to neutralize terrorists threatening fellow soldiers.

Binyamin’s educational journey spanned various institutions, from elementary to high school, each contributing to his growth.

After graduating from Tzvia Yeshiva High School in Eilat, he embarked on his army career through Tzfat’s Hesder program. Following rigorous training, he earned a coveted spot in the elite 101 Paratrooper unit.

His fervent passion for the land of Israel, rooted in its Biblical significance and holiness, shaped his life’s purpose.

Binyamin was driven by a singular mission: to safeguard the Land, foster its prosperity, and ensure a peaceful existence for all Jews settling anywhere in Israel.

His list of goals and aspirations teaches all of us the work and improvement we need to do to fulfill our own holy mission in this world.