Khaled Mashal, political leader of Hamas in an interview praised the terrorist organization’s “accomplishments” and declared Hamas would never agree to a Palestinian State.

Mashal said that since Hamas came to power in 2006, it has “used our rule in Gaza to build up all methods of resistance” including amassing weapons, training terrorist troops, and building tunnels.

Mashal said that the October 7th massacre has led world leaders to “drag out their merchandise” of a two-state solution.

To this point, he declared, “First, we have nothing to do with a two-state solution. Because you get the promise of a Palestinian State but you would have to recognize the legitimacy of the other state, which is a Zionist entity.”

He added, “This is unacceptable. We demand to be liberated, to get rid of the occupation.”

In recent weeks, the United States, Egypt and Qatar have urged Israel to accept a deal that would free the hostages in exchange for a complete withdrawal of IDF troops from Gaza and steps towards the establishment of a Palestinian State.

President Netanyahu has adamantly denied this proposal because it would threaten the security of Israelis.