A respected Canadian journalist reported in detail about the Nazi extermination of Jews already on May 12, 1943, warning that if no action is taken, six million will be murdered.

Reporting for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, late award-winning Canadian journalist Mattie Rotenberg described in detail the gruesome torture inflicted upon human beings simply because they were Jews.

At the time of this chilling report, two million Jews were already dead. “It’s simple arithmetic,” she stated. If no action is taken, “within a few months, six million people will have been murdered and the nations of the world will not be able to escape the charge of being accomplices in the blackest time in history.”

Every atrocity descibed by Rotenberg – done with the “greatest inhumanity” and serving no military purpose – had already been documented and vouched for by the US State Department, the Polish government representatives in London and the United Nations Information Service, she stated, slamming the “indifference and inertia of the democratic nations.” Watch the video below.