The American business magnate published anti-Semitic screeds in the early 20th century from which modern-day hatemongers continue to derive their inspiration.

Richard “Professor Griff” Griffin made the news again recently for his appearance on popular entertainer Nick Cannon’s YouTube show, during which the two spouted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and launched attacks on the Jewish people’s legitimacy as the “true” Children of Israel.

While Cannon recanted eventually, Griffin has a long history of espousing Jew-hatred, dating back to the 1980s and his involvement with the rap group Public Enemy as its so-called “minister of information.”

In this video, unearthed by a popular Jewish blogger who uses the satirical handle “Elder of Ziyon,” Griffin identifies Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford, another notorious anti-Semite, as one of the sources of Griffin’s twisted beliefs about Jews.