The Israeli Air Force came to the rescue of an injured hiker in the Judean Desert. This breathtaking video shows the danger of the situation as well as the beauty of the landscape. 

Amir Aloni is back with another stunning video, this time showcasing the rescue of an injured hiker in the Judean Desert. His videos have been very popular on our site, displaying the scenic beauty and historic sites of the Holy Land, including the Dead Sea, the Negev and Arava, the Shokeda Forest and the Tomb of Samuel the Prophet.

Aloni’s videos demonstrate the diverse environments in Israel, ranging from gorgeous beaches to lush forests to barren deserts. Moving from winter to spring, the scenery becomes rich with life and color. This land truly has a place for every preference, including hot, cold and mild weather. Whether you like plains or mountains, forests or cities, if you haven’t visited Israel yet, we urge you to come and experience this truly majestic land.

669 rescue unit of the Israeli Air Force rescue an injured hiker at Judean desert by Amir Aloni

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