Israeli scientists may have found a way to treat cancer-once and for all. No more relapses-just a healthier, happier tomorrow!

For people fighting cancer, they thing they frequently fear most is a recurrence or relapse of the cancer after treatment.

But thanks to Israeli science and ingenuity, this fear may be a thing of the past.

A group of researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev developed a new molecule that they say inhibits the growth of cancer cells and also reprograms them to be noncancerous, potentially eliminating the risk of relapse.

This discovery may change the way cancer is treated leading to a happier and healthier future for all!

Israel may have found a way to treat cancer

WATCH: Israel may have found a way to treat cancer— once and for all. No more relapses— just a healthier, happier tomorrow! If you support Israel, don’t be silent. Send a message to anti-Israel haters and show the Israeli people you are behind them at

Posted by The Israel Project on Saturday, August 11, 2018