An Israeli non-profit called ‘Budo for Peace’ brings together youth from a wide range of backgrounds to learn martial arts and develop tools for coexistence.

Jews, Arabs, Bedouins and Druze all come together at programs created by “Budo for Peace,” an Israeli organization that uses martial arts to bridge the gap between youth from different backgrounds. The term “budo” is a catch-all standing for Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kendo, and other traditional forms of marital arts.

This “innovative tri-lingual educational program fosters unity, leadership and promotes and instills core values,” BFP’s website explains

BFP “operates three active martial arts clubs throughout the country for children aged 9-18. Each club meets on a bi-weekly basis for training sessions which incorporate educational activities aimed to promote the founding budo values, including self control, harmony, responsibility, courtesy, integrity, humility, order and tolerance.”