Taking a very significant risk, a Jordanian Preacher has proposed giving the Jewish people a place for prayer on the Temple Mount. 

This preacher has called upon the entire Islamic world and upon the Hashemite sovereign to give the peaceful Israelis a place to pray on the Temple Mount. He even addresses the authorities in “Palestine” and Jordan specifically to make this happen. His opinion is that the Jewish people should have a place to pray in, where there are currently trees growing in the Temple Mount courtyard.

You really need to see this to believe it.

Opposition to the Jewish Presence on the Temple Mount

We posted recently about how Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated clearly what the Jewish intention is with the Temple Mount – which is to maintain the status quo as it is right now. Palestinian Authority President Abbas has been inciting Arab violence against the Jews claiming that the intention is for Israel to take over the Temple Mount completely and destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque. It’s very interesting to note that there is a Muslim opinion that believes the Jewish people should be allowed to pray at the Temple Mount. After all, it is the holiest place in the world for the Jewish people – more so than any other people.

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