Israel’s real life superhero Miri Tamano saved the lives of her three children right before Palestinian terrorists destroyed her home with a rocket.

When Gaza terrorists fired rockets into Israel this week, one of them destroyed the home of Miri Tamano in Beersheba.

This real life Wonder Woman sprung into action, spiriting her children to safety in the nearest bomb shelter before disaster struck.

Superhero? Supermom is more like it!

Miri Tamano: Wonder Woman and Hero of Israel

What a real life Wonder Woman 💪🏼 👸🏾🇮🇱 looks like: Ethiopian-Israeli mother of 3 Miri Tamano, saved the lives of her children single handedly when Gaza terrorists fired a rocket 🚀 at Beer Sheba that hit her home 🏠 , right on her children's 👥 bedroom, at 4 AM! 🕓In under 1️⃣ minute, she rescued them by getting them to the bomb shelter. In doing so, she likely prevented an even greater escalation between Israel and Gaza.SUPER MOM, SUPER HERO!

Posted by StandWithUs on Thursday, October 18, 2018