The Muslim Association of Canada openly calls for Jihad “by any means necessary” and is using false history to justify its call to violence.

The Muslim Association of Canada’s YouTube channel is a mouthpiece for incitement, promoting a sermon delivered at its Vancouver branch by Imam Tarek Ramadan.

Ramadan claims victimhood for the 1.5 billion Muslims who he claims suffer from having lost control of the Temple Mount.

Ramadan fails to mention that the Jewish people’s King David purchased the Temple Mount for the nation, and his son Solomon built the Holy Temple on the site, a full 1400 years before the birth of Muhammad and the invention of the Muslim religion.

Ramadan even claims that Christians are suffering from Jewish control of the Temple Mount, when, in fact, it is the Arab Waqf that arrests Christians if they pray there, while Israel gives Christians full religious rights.

The lies don’t end there, though, as Ramadan peddles more false history, replete with claims of Jews scheming to assassinate a Sultan and classic anti-Semitic propaganda designed to dehumanize Jews in order to legitimize the use of violence against them.

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