A Muslim protester attempted to intimidate a group of Israeli-Arab activists into ceasing their pro-Israel advocacy.

Israeli-Arab activists are touring American college campuses as part of Reservists on Duty (RoD) to let people who have never been in Israel know what is really happening there and what is not happening (like apartheid and genocide).

The group’s talk at the University of Minnesota was interrupted by an unidentified woman who may, or may not, have visited Israel.

The woman stood in front of the speakers and shouted over them while reading a script from her smart phone.

She, or her handlers, had done some research on the speakers, attacking one for having a father who escaped anti-Christian persecution in Lebanon by immigrating to Israel.

The woman’s message was clear – any Arab who sides with Israel must be bribed or controlled by Jewish “masters” and deserves to be called a “spineless piece of garbage.”

Watch how she reacts when the Israeli-Arabs agreed to let her speak freely with them in a conversation, rather than just reading from her script.

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