In this video, actress Mayim Bialik asks how one could¬†reconcile science and religion. Along comes “Jew in the City” with a logical and humorous answer.¬†

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all work from the basis of creation that begins in the first chapter of Genesis, the first of the Five Books of Moses. The story is that the world was created in 6 days. This is a difficult concept to understand. Could something as great and vast as the universe be created in such a short period of time? What does modern science have to say about the matter? Is there a contradiction, and if so, how do we reconcile it, if at all?

Mayim Bialik introduces the question of whether there was a big bang, which “Jew in the City” comes to answer. What follows in the video is an explanation of how one might go about understanding the Big Bang theory in a biblical context. It all hinges upon the understanding of what “day” means when described before the creation of the sun and other celestial bodies. “Jew in the City” goes even further, bringing up dinosaurs, a topic that has sparked much debate over the years. Of course, there is a biblical explanation for dinosaurs as well!