Youth living in the Palestinian-administered territories are taught that their ‘return’ to Jerusalem is ‘certain’ and that there is no alternative.

Numerous times since mid-May, in commemoration of the Nakba – Arabic for “catastrophe” in reference to the day after the establishment of the State of Israel – official Palestinian Authority television has given children and teens the message that their “return” to Jerusalem is “certain.”

In other words, these kids are being taught to remain refugees and to continue to wage war with Israel rather than aspiring to a peaceful, productive future in coexistence with their neighbors.

On May 15, 1948, the combined armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq joined local forces in an attempt to destroy the fledgling Jewish state, but they were defeated.

Palestinian children are also taught that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of “Palestine.”

There was never a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel, and certainly Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish People, was never the capital of any other nation.

Watch and see how these innocent children are taught lies and prevented from moving forward and striving for a better life.