Fifty years later, residents of an Israeli kibbutz in the north describe the daily terror they endured until the Six Day War, when Israel “occupied” the Golan Heights.

Tel Katzir is a kibbutz established by Jewish pioneers in northern Israel in 1949, situated just south of the Sea of Galilee and in the shadow of what was then the Syrian-controlled Golan Heights.

Like other frontier communities, it was set up in a strategic location that helped the nascent State of Israel guard its new borders, but it brought danger to the residents.

In Tel Katzir, that danger was endured for 18 years. In this video, elderly residents describe how the village’s bomb shelters became a second home for the local children, as Syrian forces looked downhill and targeted them from just a half a mile away.

As you watch this incredible firsthand testimony, ask yourselves the following question: Why were Arabs attacking Israelis day and night from 1949 until 1967, before Israel had control over Judea, Samaria, Gaza, or the Golan Heights?