Palestinian leaders create artificial crises and incite the masses to commit murder.

Israel’s enemies like to claim that Islamic terror is a “spontaneous” reaction of the “Arab street.”

In this absurd narrative, Palestinian leaders are portrayed as peaceful people who are trying to keep the lid on rising tensions.

Israel is thus expected to help them financially and by retreating to insecure borders, since there’s no way to fight “lone wolves.”

So called “lone wolf” jihadists, however, almost always turn out to be connected to terror groups and are invariably spurred on by inciting rhetoric and incentivized by monetary rewards for terror.

In fact, Hamas’ terror manual instructs that “attacks should have the characteristics of a lone wolf attack,” in order to perpetuate the lie that there’s nothing that can be offered to stop the terror other than Israeli concessions.

This video exposes Palestinian leaders as the cause of, not the solution to, the manufactured crises that lead to murder.