This shocking video shows how three U.S. Navy Sailors in Istanbul were attacked and chased by a mob just because they are U.S. citizens. 

Three U.S. Navy sailors experienced extreme prejudice and hatred in Istanbul from a group of 12 Turkish Muslim nationalists. The sailors were attacked on a crowded street in Istanbul where they had paint thrown at them and hoods put over their faces. The assailants are members of the nationalist Turkish Youth Union (TGB). They face possible charges of insult, injury and breaching public protest laws.

The U.S. embassy condemned the attack, calling it “appalling.” The Pentagon said that shore leave is cancelled in Turkey for other servicemen from the U.S. Navy.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry also spoke out, condemning the attack and branding it as being disrespectful and “impossible to view with tolerance.”

Credit: CNN

This is the true face of Muslim extremism. It’s important that you SHARE this video to educate the world on the dire threat that we face. This is not just a problem for Israel. This is a problem for every democracy, every country that abides by Western values and every person who believes in the freedom of religious expression. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and we are at war against enemies who want to destroy us. As you can see from the news, terrorist attacks are on the rise and precious lives are being lost. Please click here to assist us in Israel’s fight against terror. This is  fight that we can and MUST win.