A Gaza border riot “activist” recently claimed on Lebanese TV that the Palestinians would commit atrocities against the Jewish people similar to those of the Nazis.

Gaza-based “March of Return” proponent Maryam Abu Moussa recently told Thaqalayn TV, which is based in Lebanon and Turkey, that the Palestinians will “bury the Jews in the ditches of Hitler.”

Abu Moussa proceeded to spread a horrific anti-Semitic myth that Jews buried Russians in ditches during World War II at Hitler’s bequest as part of a ploy by the Nazi despot to expose “the truth about those Jews and why [he] burn[ed] them.”

Her rantings during the Thaqalayn interview also included the preposterous claim that since the Jews got their hands on the Golan Heights, “the entire Arab world will be grabbed by Israel overnight.” She concluded by threatening U.S. President Donald Trump: “Your end will come at the hand of a Palestinian boy.”