Doctors are fighting to save the eyesight of a Syrian child. He is among hundreds of Syrians being treated at Ziv Medical Center in the North since February 2013.

This video shows how Syrian patients are being treated in Israeli hospitals. The focus here is on a 12-year-old boy who was badly wounded by a bomb.  As Dr. Joseph Pikkel, director of ophthalmology at Ziv Medical Center, explains, doctors are working hard to restore the sight in his left eye, as the right eye had already been removed.

Another Syrian patient – an older youth – is helping to care for the boy. He relates that he was brought up to hate Israel, but has since come to realize that the Syrian regime is the real enemy.

Arab and Jewish Doctors Working Together

An Arab-Israeli social worker in the Orthopedics department tells viewers that 362 patients from Syria had been treated at the hospital since February 2013. There are currently 10.

Ziv Medical Center is among several Israeli hospitals employing Israeli-Arab and Jewish health-care practitioners, including senior doctors, and treating patients of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. In many cases, the wounded hail from enemy territory.

Enjoy the video (courtesy Arutz 7 TV)!

Written by: United with Israel Staff.