The Torah portion of “Vayishlach” (Genesis 32:4–36:43) includes the dramatic killing of the people of Shechem.

Shechem himself, having raped Dina, asked her father Jacob if he could marry her. Jacob’s sons deceptively offered to intermarry with the people of Shechem if the men of the city would agree to circumcise.

Shechem loved the idea of intermarrying with Jews, but after his men were in pain following their circumcisions, Jacob’s sons Simon and Levi killed them in revenge and rescued their sister Dina.

This week’s class will focus on intermarriage. Is it the worst sin a Jew can do? Is intermarriage EVER permitted? Does it matter if the non-Jewish spouse is the husband or the wife?

Rabbi Enkin presents a no-holds-barred webinar on intermarriage and conversions for the sake of marrying a Jew.