In the Torah portion of “Vayeitzei” (Genesis 28:10–32:3) we learn about Jacob’s dream of a ladder to heaven, Jacob’s marriage to Leah and Rachel and the birth of the tribes of Israel.

We read about Jacob fleeing the abusive treatment of Lavan, his father-in-law. On the way out, Rachel stole her father’s idols and also denied knowing anything about their disappearance.

On the heels of the previous Torah portion containing Jacob’s “deception” of Esau and the next reading where Simeon and Levi trick the people of Shechem and wipe them out to avenge the rape of their sister Dina, we must ask: Why are so many great biblical figures lying and deceiving?

Was all this deception justified? Was it necessary? When does Judaism allow us to lie?

Join Rabbi Enkin for an “honest” talk about lying in Judaism. You’re guranteed to enjoy this webinar… and that’s the real truth!