The Torah portion of “Devarim” (Numbers 1:1-3:22) contains what can essentially be called Moses’ last sermon before he dies.

It includes a review of the last 40 years since leaving Egypt and a subtle rebuke of the sins that the Jewish people committed along the way.

Although the webinar will cover the highlights of the Torah portion, the main focus will be “Tisha B’av”, the day of mourning that falls after reading “Devarim”.

Discover why this is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, with multiple tragedies occurring from biblical times until today.

Learn about the Book of Lamentations and the hard-to-understand “Kinnot” poems that are recited.

Find out what to expect at your local synagogue throughout the 25 hours of Tisha B’av. Rabbi Enkin presents a somewhat saddening but extremely informative class.