The Torah portion of “Behalotecha” (Numbers 8:1-12:16) is filled with interested episodes and passages. It’s got the first post-Exodus Passover, the mysterious silver trumpets, the heavenly manna, the departure of Jethro from the Jewish people, and much more.

This portion also contains instructions on how the Torah was to be transported in the ark during the Jews’ travels. The very same verses are recited nowadays in the synagogue every time the Torah is removed from the ark for public readings.

Rabbi Enkin presents an extensive talk about the what, when, how and why of public Torah readings. You’ll learn about the evolution of the Torah reading, when it is read, how it is done, who is honored with reciting the blessings, and other interesting facts.

The class will also examine what’s known as the “haftarah” – the weekly teaching from the prophets that is chanted after the Torah reading on Shabbat.