(AP/Nasser Shiyoukhi)
Palestinian propaganda

Falsified photos used in the Palestinian Authority report submitted to the World Health Organization ahead of its anti-Israel resolution last week “highlight the submission’s total lack of credibility,” US-based watchdog Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) pointed out.

According to “Snapshots,” the blog of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), in preparation for WHO’s publication of the decision, the PA Ministry of Health provided faux pictorial “evidence” of Israeli health violations against Palestinians.

For example, CAMERA cited, a photo “meant to illustrate ‘Settlers attacking a Palestinian child while being observed by Israeli occupation forces’ is actually a Getty Images picture showing the eviction of Israeli settlers. The scene does not at all involve Palestinians.”

Another picture — with the caption: “Photograph taken during the Israeli war on Gaza, 2014” – is actually a Photoshop makeover, exposed as a hoax at the time, of a photo published on a blog discussing how Israel might attack Iran’s nuclear reactors. According to CAMERA, “Editors of the ‘Gaza’ version erased the mountains and the building which simply don’t exist in Gaza.”

Two more pictures ostensibly about Operation Protective Edge submitted by the PA Health Ministry and highlighted by CAMERA were 1) a photo taken from Lebanon, and 2) a photo from Gaza, but from 2012.

Photos depicting the current wave of Palestinian terrorism are also utterly misleading.

The recent World Health Organization (WHO) resolution – co-sponsored by the Arab Group and the Palestinian delegation to the UN — accused Israel of violating the “mental, physical and environmental health” of the Palestinians. The motion, which received support from France, Germany, the UK and various other EU states, was passed during WHO’s annual assembly on Wednesday. The US and Canadian delegations both voiced their strong objections to the resolution.

According to the Geneva-based watchdog group UN Watch, no resolutions were passed against any other country. The assembly did not address other major health crises, such as the bombing of hospitals in Syria by pro-regime and Russian warplanes, or the Saudi-led bombing and blockade in Yemen, which is denying millions access to food and water.

By: The Algemeiner